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Schwinn Joyrider Model 13-PR300 Nice But Is It Safe?
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The Schwinn Joyrider fixed wheel jogging stroller is a very nice, moderately priced running stroller. It has a lot of features built in  for convenience but we want to look at some of the more important features first, to make sure that you can feel safe with this product.

Let us start at the top and work our way down. One of the first items on any stroller to consider is the handle. In order for a stroller to be safe we consider the handle must be comfortable, after all you are going to be holding on to the handle for quite some time. It must have a rubberized grip for comfort. Another consideration is that the handle be adjustable so that it is comfortable for your height whether you are four foot six or six foot four you want to be in a comfortable position while using it.

There are also two other important items concerning safety and control which are related to the handle. You must have a tether, just in case you should slip and fall, you would not want the stroller to take off on its own. Also, a safe running stroller should have a hand-brake on the handle to slow it down or stop it in case of an emergency or you are just slowing down. A hand brake works much like a brake on a bicycle and can slow down or stop the stroller.

Next, let us look at the chassis. A safe running stroller will have at least 16 to 20 inch wheels and a suspension system that ensures a smooth ride for your infant. You want your child to have smooth ride, but big wheels and a rear spring suspension will give you more control of your stroller and make it easier and safer to operate.

Okay, that is the basic mechanical items of a jogging stroller, but what about “the ride”. If your baby could speak they would tell you that you must have a head support system for them, and an integrated seat pad that comes out for easy cleaning. The precious cargo absolutely needs a five point harness system to secure them in their seat just like a race car driver. You want your child to be secured in the seat and you should be able to keep an eye on them by having a mesh screen in back that you can see through. This also allows for ventilation to keep the infant comfortable.

And finally, a very important safety issue, although some would say it is just convenience, is storage. You need to have plenty of storage for your needs and your baby’s needs. A “safe” running stroller had plenty of under seat storage for the essentials and some place for your drinks, after all to be safe you must stay hydrated and keep your child hydrated as well. It is also a safety must to have a protective canopy and a weather shield that is built in to protect your child from the elements.

The Schwinn Joyrider Model 13-PR300 that we have researched has all of these safety features and more. We consider it to be one of the safest if not the safest running strollers on the market and is very moderately price for all the safety and convenience that is built into this model.

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