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Schwinn Arrow 13-SC215 - Double Jogging Stroller
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Schwinn Arrow 13-SC215 - Double Jogging Stroller
Schwinn Arrow 13-SC215 - Double Jogging Stroller
Schwinn Arrow 13-SC215 - Double Jogging StrollerSchwinn Arrow 13-SC215 - Double Jogging Stroller shown in stored folded position
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Schwinn Arrow 13-SC215
Double Jogging Stroller

The Schwinn Arrow 13-SC215 Double Jogging Stroller is one great fixed wheel single jogging stroller.

With the huge sixteen (16) tires, this could really be called a running stroller.

The Schwinn Arrow has a lot of great features for those that just love to run or those that like a nice leisurely stroll.

An adjustable handle allows comfort for multiple users of different heights.

This running stroller has lots of storage available, so you can take the essentials with you and not be worried about getting too far from home.

The lightweight aluminum frame makes it lighter weight than most running strollers.

Schwinn Arrow Has Huge 16 Inch Tires

If you run, then you will absolutely love this fixed wheel running stroller, especially if you have a long stride.

The Schwinn Arrow 13-SC215 has three (3) huge sixteen (16) inch back tires that are pneumatic, (air filled).

This is one of the few fixed wheel double jogging strollers that has the big sixteen (16) inch tires.

This allows for you to hit your stride and at the same time provide a very smooth ride for the comfort of the child and allows the parent to be able to push it effortlessly.

The jogger also has a dual spring shock absorbing system that keeps the baby comfortable even on the bumpiest of rides.

The rims are great looking, lightweight aluminum.

The lightweight aluminum construction cuts down on the weight and makes it very easy to handle.

The Schwinn Fixed Wheel
Double Jogger
Braking System


The Schwinn Arrow 13-SC116 running stroller has a hand brake for full control

This is a bicycle style brake that allows for fast stopping if needed.

The Schwinn Arrow also has dual foot activated parking brakes, so that when you stop to take a break, you can lock the brakes and make sure that it does not roll away.

Schwinn Arrow
Fixed Wheel Double Jogging Stroller
Model 13-215

This double fixed wheel jogging stroller is absolutely designed with the runner in mind.

This is one of the few double joggers on the market with large enough tires for tall people to hit their normal running stride.

You will get a lot of use out of this jogger if running is what you like to do and at the same time, you can take your little ones with you.

Schwinn Arrow Modell 13-SC215 Double Jogging Stroller
The Schwinn Arrow, Double Jogging Stroller Model 13-SC215, purchase one now.
Model 13-SC215
Color Red and Black
Weight 24 pounds
Product Diminsions Folded 28.5" x 12.5" x 32.5"
Assembled Diminsions 40.5" x 32.25" x 54"
Features Benefits
Large 16" Pneumatic Tires for Running Those with long stride will enjoy these big tires.
Aluminum Rims Look great and reduces weight
Bicylc Style Hand Brake Stops much faster
Independent Floating Retractable Canopy Keeps your passengers cool in the hot sun
Dual Locking Parking Brakes Foot activated, keeps stroller from rolling while parked
Spring Shock Absorbers Gives you a smopth ride in the roughest terrain
Canopy Mounted Speaker Accepts most MP3 players
Removable Fleece Seat Pad Machine Washable and adds to passenger comfort
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