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InStep Grand Safari Swivel Single Jogger - InStep 11AR184
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InStep Grand Safari Swivel Single Jogger - InStep 11AR184
InStep Grand Safari Swivel Single Jogger - InStep 11AR184
InStep Grand Safari Swivel Single Jogger - InStep 11AR184InStep Grand Safari Swivel Single Jogger - InStep 11AR184 shown in folded position.
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InStep Grand Safari Swivel Single Jogger
InStep 11AR184

A Running Stroller or Sport Stroller

InStep Grand Safari Swivel Single Jogger - InStep 11AR184. When you lock-out the front swivel wheel you are turning this into a fixed wheel running stroller or what some call a sport stroller.

With the exposed spring suspension, however you use it, it will always provide a smooth and comfortable ride for your little one. This stroller features huge 16 inch rear bicycle tires and a 12 inch front tire to add additional stability and ease of manuvering.

Almost like buying two jogging strollers, buying this jogging stroller is great because of a great feature know as the front swivel wheel lockout.

With just the push of a button you can turn this jogging stroller into a running stroller, a.k.a a fixed wheel jogging stroller.

That adds a lot of value when you need a jogger stroller that is flexible to be used for different purposes.

Safety Features for Jogging Strollers

The Instep Grand Safari has all kinds of built in safety features. For startes it has a wrist teather so just in case, in the event you should lose you grip, it cannot get away from you. However the hand grip is made out of a rubber material to prevent slippage. It is very comfortable on the hands.

Another very popular safety feature is the adjustable handle. We wanted to make this jogging stroller comfortable for any body to use. Adjust the handle with great ease to fit your height and your spouse can adjust it for their height making it very flexible and comfortable. No more stooping or slouching, just your normal walking position.

The Grand Safari also has a dual trigger folding mechanism, which makes sure that it is locked in positon while you are using it. When you get ready to store it or put it in the van, just activate the trigger mechanism on each side and it folds up very easily. This prevents accidental fold-ups which are common on some brands.

The built in 5 point safety harness is like a seat belt and shoulder belts. Much like what Nascar drivers use in their cars, the design ensures that you child it secure in the seat as you stroll. 


Need some place to store your water bottle while you are out and about? Not a problem! This jog stroller has a molded parent tray that can handle two bottles of water while you enjoy your day.

The jogging stroller also has a pivoting child tray that holds up to two drinks per tray. You can have easy access to your child by moving the tray out of the way.

For a little bonus we are throwing in a Faux Lambskin removable sead pad. The lambskin seat pad is easy to clean and also keeps your little one warm and cozy.

And just for the heck of it, this model comes with a built in MP3 speaker, so plug it in an play some music for your child and keep them entertained.

This model is the:

Grand Safari Model 11-AR184 and is: Tan and Pink

Also Comes In:

Grand Safari Model 11-AR182 is:  Yellow and Gray

Grand Safari Model 11-AR183 is: Gray and Yellow

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Instep's Warranty

We are very confident in the design and realiability of the Instep Grand Safari and we offer a one year limited warranty for  your jogging stroller.

Bug Shield

Weather Shield

Free Shipping Inside the Continental United States

Color Tan and Pink
Weight 33 lbs.
Product Dimensions Unfolded 49"L x 23"W x 43.75"H
Product Dimensions Folded 22.75"L x 24.5"W x 25"H
Features Benefits
Faux Lambskin Seat Pads Warmth and Comfort
Adjustable Handle Important for Different Heights of Users
Built in MP3 Speaker Listen to Music
Spring Suspension Smooth Ride
Dual Trigger Mechanism Prevents Fold-ups
Front Swivel Lockout Use as a Running Stroller
Slip Resistant Grip Keeps You in Control
Pivoting Child's Tray with Cup Holder Easier Access Moves out of the Way
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