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Jogging Strollers for Different Lifestyles   

Fixed Wheel Jogging Strollers VS Swivel Wheel Jogging Strollers

There are Two Basic Styles of Jogging Strollers

A Fixed Wheel Single Jogger or a  Fixed Wheel Double Jogger also called a running stroller, is designed more for those that want to start getting in shape or the athletic individual that likes to run and has a lot of wide open space.

They are very durable and have large pneumatic tires so that you will have a longer stride while running or jogging.

They have heavy duty shock absorbing systems to guarantee ‘baby’ a smooth ride and many have adjustable handle bars so that mother and father are both comfortable while using the jogging stroller.

The Swivel Wheel Single Jogger or a Swivel Wheel Double Jogger is more for everyday use and getting around in more restricted environments such as stores or crowds. The ‘zero turn’ turning radius is a great feature to negotiate those closed in environments.

However, many Swivel Wheel jogging stroller models have a front wheel lock out so you have the best of both worlds and can maximize the value of your purchase.

Being capable of locking the front wheel in place converting it into a fixed wheel jogging stroller is like having two strollers in one.

You can ‘lock out’ the front tire in the fixed position for going on your run and then when you take a break, (you might as well go shopping while you are out, right) you can ‘unlock’ it and negotiate through the mall.

Whichever kind of jogger stroller you prefer, please check out our many options such as,
  1. Hand Brakes
  2. Front Wheel Lock Outs (on swivel wheel models only)
  3. 5-point harnesses (most models) this is a 5-point locking system very similar to what  they have in NASCAR racing cars
  4. Adjustable Handles. An adjustable handle allows you to set the height you need so you can be in a comfortable position. It also allows for different users to be able to adjust the handle to their needs.
  5. Shock Absorbing Systems
  6. Lots of Storage
  7. Drink Trays
  8. Foot Pedal Parking Brakes
And many more features. All features are listed at the bottom of each product page as well as the specifications.

Shipping is Included inside the Continental United States

We hope you enjoy your new Jogging Stroller - Thank You for shopping at Baby Stroller City
Swivel Wheel Single JoggersSwivel Wheel Single JoggersSwivel Wheel Joggers are single jogging strollers designed for the active mom with the needs to just carry one infant. The swivel wheel allows for maneuverability.

Fixed Wheel Single JoggersFixed Wheel Single JoggersFixed Wheel Joggers are designed with the runner in mind. The fixed wheel jogging stroller allows you to run or jog with your baby. You will love the fixed wheel design. Swivel Wheel Double JoggersSwivel Wheel Double JoggersThese Swivel Wheel Double Strollers are designed for the active mom with two passengers. The swivel wheel allows for getting around in those tight, confined spaces. Fixed Wheel Double JoggersFixed Wheel Double JoggersThese Double Fixed Wheel Strollers are designed for the runners. The fixed wheel provides a stable ride. Double Fixed Wheel Jogging Strollers are a runners dream.
Pedal CarsPedal CarsPedal Cars for the kid in all of us. These InStep pedal cars are customizable too. The kids will love to play with these stylish pedal cars. Real foot, pedal cars. Single Bicyle TrailerSingle Bicyle TrailerSingle Bicycle Trailers also convert into jogging strollers. These bicycle trailer and stroller combos offer lots flexibility for the sporting enthusiasts. Double Bicycle TrailerDouble Bicycle TrailerThese Bicycle Double Trailers and Stroller Combos have plenty of room and offer the avid sportsperson the flexibility to bike or just go for a walk after riding a while. Inline Tandem StrollersInline Tandem StrollersTandem Strollers by InStep are only 15% longer than a regular double jogger. Tandem Strollers stadium seating is a great improvement over other double jogging strollers.
Weather ShieldsWeather ShieldsWeather shields for jogging strollers will protect your child from the elements while you are out for a stroll. Protect your child with a jogging stroller weather shield. Bug ScreensBug ScreensBug screens for jogging strollers protect your child from pesky insects. Protect your child with bug screen for your jogging stroller. Bugscreens for jogging strollers.
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